Book of Jasher 24

Book of Jasher 24

Chapter 24


And the life of Sarah was one hundred
and twenty-seven years, and Sarah died; and Abraham rose up from before his
dead to seek a burial place to bury his wife Sarah; and he went and spoke to
the children of Heth, the inhabitants of the land,

I am a stranger and a sojourner with
you in your land; give me a possession of a burial place in your land, that I
may bury my dead from before me.

And the children of Heth said unto Abraham, behold the land is before thee, in
the choice of our sepulchers bury thy dead, for no man shall withhold thee from
burying thy dead.

And Abraham said unto them, If you
are agreeable to this go and entreat for me to Ephron,
the son of Zochar, requesting that he may give me the
cave of Machpelah, which is in the end of his field,
and I will purchase it of him for whatever he desire for it.

And Ephron
dwelt among the children of Heth, and they went and
called for him, and he came before Abraham, and Ephron
said unto Abraham, Behold all thou requirest thy
servant will do; and Abraham said, No, but I will buy the cave and the field
which thou hast for value, In order that it may be for a possession of a burial
place for ever.

And Ephron
answered and said, Behold the field and the cave are before thee, give whatever
thou desirest; and Abraham said, Only at full value
will I buy it from thy hand, and from the hands of those that go in at the gate
of thy city, and from the hand of thy seed for ever.

And Ephron
and all his brethren heard this, and Abraham weighed to Ephron
four hundred shekels of silver in the hands of Ephron
and in the hands of all his brethren; and Abraham wrote this transaction, and
he wrote it and testified it with four witnesses.

And these are the names of the
witnesses, Amigal son of Abishna
the Hittite, Adichorom son of Ashunach
the Hivite, Abdon son of Achiram the Gomerite, Bakdil the son of Abudish the Zidonite.

And Abraham took the book of the
purchase, and placed it in his treasures, and these are the words that Abraham
wrote in the book, namely:

That the cave and the field Abraham
bought from Ephron the Hittite, and from his seed,
and from those that go out of his city, and from their seed for ever, are to be
a purchase to Abraham and to his seed and to those that go forth from his
loins, for a possession of a burial place for ever; and he put a signet to it
and testified it with witnesses.

And the field and the cave that was
in it and all that place were made sure unto Abraham and unto his seed after
him, from the children of Heth; behold it is before Mamre in Hebron, which is in the land of Canaan.

And after this Abraham buried his
wife Sarah there, and that place and all its boundary became to Abraham and
unto his seed for a possession of a burial place.

And Abraham buried Sarah with pomp as
observed at the interment of kings, and she was buried in very fine and
beautiful garments.

And at her bier was Shem, his sons Eber and Abimelech, together with
Anar, Ashcol and Mamre, and all the grandees of the land followed her bier.

And the days of Sarah were one
hundred and twenty-seven years and she died, and Abraham made a great and heavy
mourning, and he performed the rites of mourning for seven days.

And all the inhabitants of the land
comforted Abraham and Isaac his son on account of Sarah.

And when the days of their mourning
passed by Abraham sent away his son Isaac, and he went to the house of Shem and
Eber, to learn the ways of the Lord and his
instructions, and Abraham remained there three years.

At that time Abraham rose up with all
his servants, and they went and returned homeward to
Beersheba, and Abraham
and all his servants remained in

And at the revolution of the year Abimelech king of the Philistines died in that year; he was
one hundred and ninety-three years old at his death; and Abraham went with his
people to the land of the Philistines, and they comforted the whole household
and all his servants, and he then turned and went home.

And it was after the death of Abimelech that the people of Gerar
took Benmalich his son, and he was only twelve years
old, and they made him lying in the place of his father.

And they called his name Abimelech after the name of his father, for thus was it
their custom to do in Gerar, and Abimelech
reigned instead of Abimelech his father, and he sat
upon his throne.

And Lot the son of Haran also died in
those days, in the thirty-ninth year of the life of Isaac, and all the days
Lot lived were
one hundred and forty years and he died.

And these are the children of Lot, that were
born to him by his daughters, the name of the first born was
Moab, and the name
of the second was Benami.

And the two sons of Lot went and
took themselves wives from the
land of Canaan, and they
bare children to them, and the children of
Moab were Ed, Mayon, Tarsus, and Kanvil, four sons, these are fathers to the children of Moab unto this

And all the families of the children
Lot went to dwell wherever they should
light upon, for they were fruitful and increased abundantly.

And they went and built themselves
cities in the land where they dwelt, and they called the names of the cities
which they built after their own names.

And Nahor
the son of Terah, brother to Abraham, died in those
days in the fortieth year of the life of Isaac, and all the days of Nahor were one hundred and seventy-two years and he died
and was buried in

And when Abraham heard that his
brother was dead he grieved sadly, and he mourned over his brother many days.

And Abraham called for Eliezer his head servant, to give him orders concerning his
house, and he came and stood before him.

And Abraham said to him, Behold I am
old, I do not know the day of my death; for I am advanced in days; now
therefore rise up, go forth and do not take a wife for my son from this place
and from this land, from the daughters of the Canaanites amongst whom we dwell.

But go to my land and to my
birthplace, and take from thence a wife for my son, and the Lord God of Heaven
and earth who took me from my father’s house and brought me to this place, and
said unto me, To thy seed will I give this land for an inheritance for ever, he
will send his angel before thee and prosper thy way, that thou mayest obtain a wife for my son from my family and from my
father’s house.

And the servant answered his master
Abraham and said, Behold I go to thy birthplace and to thy father’s house, and take
a wife for thy son from there; but if the woman be not willing to follow me to
this land, shall I take thy son back to the land of thy birthplace?

And Abraham said unto him, Take heed
that thou bring not my son hither again, for the Lord before whom I have walked
he will send his angel before thee and prosper thy way.

And Eliezer
did as Abraham ordered him, and Eliezer swore unto
Abraham his master upon this matter; and Eliezer rose
up and took ten camels of the camels of his master, and ten men from his
master’s servants with him, and they rose up and went to Haran,
the city of Abraham and Nahor, in order to fetch a
wife for Isaac the son of Abraham; and whilst they were gone Abraham sent to
the house of Shem and Eber, and they brought from
thence his son Isaac.

And Isaac came home to his father’s
house to
Beersheba, whilst Eliezer and his men came to Haran; and they
stopped in the city by the watering place, and he made his camels to kneel down
by the water and they remained there.

And Eliezer,
Abraham’s servant, prayed and said, O God of Abraham my master; send me I pray
thee good speed this day and show kindness unto my master, that thou shalt appoint this day a wife for my master’s son from his

And the Lord hearkened to the voice
of Eliezer, for the sake of his servant Abraham, and
he happened to meet with the daughter of Bethuel, the
son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor,
brother to Abraham, and Eliezer came to her house.

And Eliezer
related to them all his concerns, and that he was Abraham’s servant, and they
greatly rejoiced at him.

And they all blessed the Lord who
brought this thing about, and they gave him Rebecca, the daughter of Bethuel, for a wife for Isaac.

And the young woman was of very
comely appearance, she was a virgin, and Rebecca was ten years old in those

And Bethuel
and Laban and his children made a feast on that
night, and Eliezer and his men came and ate and drank
and rejoiced there on that night.

And Eliezer
rose up in the morning, he and the men that were with him, and he called to the
whole household of Bethuel, saying, Send me away that
I may go to my master; and they rose up and sent away Rebecca and her nurse
Deborah, the daughter of Uz, and they gave her silver
and gold, men servants and maid servants, and they blessed her.

And they sent Eliezer
away with his men; and the servants took Rebecca, and he went and returned to
his master to the
land of Canaan.

And Isaac took Rebecca and she became
his wife, and he brought her into the tent.

And Isaac was forty years old when he
took Rebecca, the daughter of his uncle Bethuel, for
a wife.

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