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Nevine A. Abaza
This man followed me and planned 2 sexually harass me in Tahrir square. When I noticed him he pretended not to look, but I knew he was, and I kept changing where I stood on purpose and made sure I can see him, he would always circulate 2 stand behind me, ofcourse I made sure I didn't give him a chance. And I gave my back to a group of strangers that I could trust, he stood beside my dad for a very long time! thats when I took the clip. (The orange/red shirt is my dad! the guy has no shame!) He eventually left, walking behind a girl he apparently "liked". They were too far When I noticed that he followed her. I hope she is safe. That man also talked to 2 other guys as If making plans, whispering as the other men passed by as though they don't know each other. I'm almost sure that these are the group of harassers responsible for attacks in tahrir. At the very least they are responsible for individual harassment.

for those who think I was alone: I was not alone. I was with my dad; he did not notice the man at the beginning. He noticed him after he stood beside him for a long time and didnt tell me incase i wasn't noticing he would bother me, but if the man had done anything he would have intervened. After the man left we joined a group of family members deeper inside tahrir square.

الراجل الي مشي ورايا مده طويله، لولا أني اتحاميت بضهري في مجموعه وقفه . فضل واقف لحد ما مشي ورا بنت "عجبته"
الراجل ده غير انو مشي ورايا و ايدو طبعن خبطت فيا و فضل مستنيني لحد ما لقي بنت تانيه، كان كمان بيوشوش مع رجاله تانيه
عندي شك جامد جداً أن دي المجموعة بتاعه التحرش الجماعي. شفته أتكلم في
الخباسه و بوشوشه مع علي الأقل ٢ رجاله
أنا معملتش غير أني حميت نفسي لأن ببساطه هيمشي و هيقول معملتش حاجه. لكن لو كان قربلي تاني كنت ناويه اعمله فضيحه.
أنا مكنتش لوحدي، كنت مع أبي، و بعد ما مشي دخلت جوه و انضميت لأفراد عائلتي، مجموعه كبيره. أبي في الأول مكنش واخد باله، لكن لما وقف جنبه…
ابي شافه في الاخر و لم يقل لي عشان ميدايئنيش لو مش واخده بالي و كان مستنيله علي الوحدة، لو كان عمل حاجه كان أبي هيتدخل أكيد.

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