The story of burnt biscuits * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * a fascinating stor…

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The story of burnt biscuits * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * a fascinating story with a lesson tell someone say …
When I was young my mother used to attend breakfast special from time to time, I still remember that night, after a long day, tired at work, that evening my mom put in eggs and sausage and baked biscuits on the table before my father remember I waited to see if anyone had noticed what I noticed, but all he did was pick dad biscuit and smiling to MOM and then asked me how was my day in school?
I don't recall exactly what I told him that night but I remember exactly how I saw put butter and jam the biscuits and eat every morsel of it when she left the table that night I remember I heard mom dad apologize to the burnt biscuits and everything he said to her: my dear I love biscuits burnt later that night I went to my father and I wish him good night and I asked him if he really loved the burnt biscuits, took me in his lap and told me that your MOM had hard days at work Today, it's really tiring and a little burnt biscuits won't hurt anyone, life is full of things and humans are not perfect.
I'm not the best in almost everything I do also what error I forget to congratulate people on their the special types lesson that I have learned over time is to learn to accept each other's mistakes and this is one of the most important keys to the development of relations and maintain trust in God because he is always in the end is the only one who can give you a relationship where the burnt biscuits is not destructive to


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